Koh Tao

On Phangan we had met some guys who worked at Ban’s Diving Resort on Koh Tao. So after having talked to them, they convinced us to come join an Open Water Course and get 4 days of free accommodation, a free t-shirt and hot shower. So that’s why we decided to go to Koh Tao.
Now we’ve been here for 4 nights so we have to find something cheaper.
The diving course was really good. We started it the same day we came here with meeting our instructors, filling out lots of paper and watching a really long instruction movie about diving. Then we had free time until 9 am the next day. We went trough some theory in the morning and then it was time for our first diving session in one of the pools here. We got to know how to set up the equipment and then it was time to jump into the pool. It was a strange feeling to have the availability to breath under water. At first you just wait for the water to sip into your mouth, but then you realize that it won’t. Quite amazing. Then we had some skills to practice. Take out your regulator (the thing you breath into) under water and put it in your mouth again. Fill your diving mask with water and then empty it under water. Borrow your diving buddy’s spare regulator as if you were out of air and more stuff like that. At first it was a little bit scary, but when you had done it it was really fun.
The day after, we had theory in the morning and final exam before we were going to dive in open water. We both passed the exam and were ready for some real diving. They have lots of diving boats here and many people diving. So your diving group is not alone on one boat. It can be four or five different groups on one boat. So it’s a little bit chaotic when everybody is supposed to put their gear on and wait to jump in the water. But everything went well. We had to do the same skills now as in the pool. The hardest thing in the beginning was to sink. We were floating up all the time so it wasn’t much diving the first time. But we had one more dive the same day and it went better.
Yesterday (Monday) we had our last two dives before being open water divers. It went a lot better then the day before. We could control our breathing better and stay down. We had some last skills to do and then we swam around and looked at the fishes and corals. The last dive was the best because the sight was better and everyone was use to dive.
So now we are open water divers and can dives to 18 m all over the world. It was a fun and exciting experience and absolutely worth it.
That night we celebrated our success with our group and some instructors we have become friends with. With them we will also spend the Christmas days eating turkey and going out in the evening. Many of them have lived here for a long time and slowly we notice that Koh Tao is an island you can easily be stuck on comparable to Koh Chang. Most of the instructors make their diving masters and therefore can dive for free whenever they want. Also, there might be worse jobs than teaching diving classes, chilling on the beach and hanging with your friends at night.










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One Response to Koh Tao

  1. Anna Aleflod says:

    Sötnosar! Härligt att ni har det så bra. Grattis till dykexamen! Kramar från Singö

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